UCM take on Shaltari

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming

A nice little 1k game to introduce a friend to DZC this Sunday just gone. UCM versus Shaltari with the starter sets and a couple of extras to spice things up a bit.

We played the first scenario from the book which inevitability means rushing to the buildings in the centre to grab objectives. A brutal CBQ occurred in the centre building that saw 6 bases of Legionnaires and 2 bases of Praetorians clash with 2 bases of Braves and 2 bases of a Firstborn. In many ways this was the deciding scrap of the game as the UCM narrowly won by sheer weight of numbers giving them the opportunity to take the centre objective. With the other two objectives shared it was simply a case of trying to get the objectives off the board safely.


A squad of Legionnaires in a Condor were exploded in the air by a Shaltari flyer but luckily the Praetorians managed to fly their objective off the board in a Raven. The Shaltari had a chance to draw level in VPs by getting their objective off the board but they just ran out of time in the final turn .
It was a close game won 2 VPs to 1 by the UCM. In putting the Shaltari list together I learnt more about their unique rules and feel a bit more clued up on their shenanigans. Just as well really as I have another game against Shaltari lined up for this Sunday!


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