Jacob vs. Zoraida : Turf War

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Gaming, Malifaux

2nd game of Malifaux 2.0 this evening. 35 Soulstones and this time I cut Mr Tannen and an Illuminated in favour of Mr Graves and some upgrades for Jacob. Across the table Zoraida, a trio of Silurids, a Voodoo Doll and a gribbly beastie the name of which I can’t quite put my finger on at the moment. The Strategy was Turf War and I went for the aggressive and straight forward Schemes of Assassination and Protege Killer.
With this in mind turn 1 I decided to walk all my models into the middle of the board and attempt to hold the objective. Zoraida hit back with a nasty control spell which saw Huggy and Mr Graves merrily pounding away at one of my Depleted. I will have to remember to spread models out of melee range when facing Zoraida next time!

Turn 2 opened with a rather neat trick of Mr Graves. He pushed Huggy forward and followed up to pummel Zoraida’s Voodoo Doll. Huggy was then in a great position to charge Zoraida which he did, but fluffed his attack. One of the Silurids got a charge on Jacob and put a few points on him, and there were a few other minor skirmishes but nothing major.

By turn 3 attrition was kicking in. Zoraida’s Obey spell meant that Mr Graves and Huggy were hitting each other and gradually they were going down. However, a focused attack from Mr Graves, plus a jammy red joker on the damage flip saw him really put the pain on Zoraida. Meanwhile the Silurids were proving to be no match for Jacob’s crew and I was winning the minor skirmishes on the periphery. I was beginning to feel confident at this stage and was on top of the game if not the rules.

In the closing stages I thought I would be able to take Zoraida and hammer home a win. Unfortunately, despite cheating the initiative flip to get his retaliation in first, Huggy failed to kill Zoraida and that left Mr Graves vulnerable to more Obey shenanigans. The burly chap went down which was a sad moment. Nonetheless I killed a Silurid who was my Protege Killer objective and had been scoring on the Turf War objective. We called the game at this point and I was surprised but happy to find I had won convincingly. I think it was 5-2 on VPs.

I enjoyed the game and feel I have a reasonable grasp on Jacob and his crew. The upgrades I paid for didn’t affect the game much and I wonder if another model would have been a better investment. Anyway, lots to think about and good fun. More Malifaux soon, that’s one thing for sure đŸ™‚


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