UCM battle Scourge over Drop ship terrain

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Dropzone Commander, Gaming, Painting and Modelling

Played a DZC game tonight. It was the first game for awhile and to be honest a bit of a shambles. Firstly I couldn’t get internet access to my list/rules and then the table with my models on collapsed! No breakages but one model became lost and water went all over my cards/crib sheets. Coupled with a scheduled early end this meant the game didn’t really reach a satisfactory conclusion but we did get 3 and a bit turns done. Looking on the bright side it was a good refresher and I got to put my Spartan Games Dropship on the board as an objective holding structure. I also got a good look at my opponents rather nicely painted Scourge. Just for my own reference as much as anything else the Drop ship was airbrushed with PP Fortress Grey, GW Astronomican Grey and finally Vallejo light blue grey.
The game itself was not a serious one and we both made a few crazy moves for the sake of trying out the rules and models. As in previous games I found the UCM to be fairly good at all aspects of the game but not outstanding at anything. I felt the list I took lacked a bit of punch but I did have plenty of troops so was able to get into the drop ship early and start looking for the key objective. A group of Razor Worms followed my Praetorians into the ship and a brutal close quarter combat occurred which saw just a few Praetorians alive at the end but crucially in control of the objective. We called time at this stage leaving the UCM with a 2 – 0 win on VPs but it wasn’t a meaningful result given the casual nature of the tussle.
The unfortunate series of events made the game frustrating but it was great to get back in the cockpit and play some more DZC. I’m not enamoured with the UCM so if I can get another game sorted I may go back to the PHR and try out some new models I have acquired. Also I think it worth mentioning that the Spartan model looked great on the table and played nicely as structure . Well worth picking one up to add a bit of colour to a DZC table I think.




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