Kromac takes on Seige

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

A tense game against 50pts of Cygnar this evening. After a cagey start I decided to run all three of my heavy warp wolves at Seige in the hope one would get through. The Cygnarites hit them hard and I lost the Stalker while the other two were left on their last legs. However Ghetorix turned out to be the beast for the job and with the help of his friends he found a gap to take the Warcaster down.

The game could of gone either way and we both made a couple of mid game mistakes that left a lot of ifs and buts. All good fun.

Three key learning points for me from this game :

1) Ghostly does not allow models to move through other models. This makes the Pureblood much less effective than I thought.

2) Ghetorix should be warping hyper aggressive to get him into melee faster and taking advantage of his armour buff.

3) I need to hang the stones back a bit . They are getting too far up field and I am losing one of the triad needed for teleport too cheaply.




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