Jacob Lynch crew – part 2

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Malifaux, Neverborn, Painting and Modelling, The 12 Labours of NoB

Feeling quite inspired about Jacob and his buddies so I cracked on with the models this evening.
I’ve looked around the net and the general consensus seems to be that ‘brilliance’ is best portrayed as a blue glowy effect. I’m happy to go with that. I also wanted a set of bases that suggests a nightmarish theme or the floor of a casino. I’ve seen a chequered effect used to great effect in the past so decided to go with this. I’ve also green stuffed a few writhing tentacles to represent ‘brilliance’ spilling out.
The first model is an Illuminated. Not a bad model. It’s a shame he is crouched over as it obscures some nice detail on his face and shirt. I’m pretty pleased with the way he has turned out although I want to have a good look at him in sunlight with fresh eyes. I’ve splattered a little blood on his base and weapon which is always a risk but I think it contrasts well with the blues of the ‘brilliance’.
I’ve also started on ‘Huggy’. Just a base of Mordian blue and his teeth done so far. It’s a crazy model – I can’t decide if I love it or hate it!
As for the plastic sculpts there are some exquisitely crafted details and the sculpts are very characterful. No 32mm Warmahordes or GW here – these look and feel like lean 28mm miniatures. I think they are nice but there are some areas that feel a little underdone. Overall I think they have a different feel to the rest of the stuff commonly seen on the market at the moment.




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