Debut of the Woldwrath

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Circle, Gaming, Uncategorized

More Circle action this Sunday. I acquired a Woldwrath this week and was determined to field it – even if it was not an optimum choice. On the other side of the table was Severius with an infantry heavy tier list.
In the first couple of turns it looked like the Circle were going to run away with it. The Stalker pulled off a delightful Berserk / lightning strike combo to take out a load of Deliverers and get back to safety. The Druids were looking tricky with their Counter Spell/Immunity to Fire and equally destructive with Force Bolt and the Overseer’s Devourer spell. To compound Severius’ issues his Wracks were too far forward so the hoard of Menites were getting caught in the blast when they left this mortal coil.
Sadly I became over confident at this stage and started to push forward with the Druids and Warbeasts. The durable Menoth ‘jacks started to lay into the more fragile Circle beasts and the Zealots cane into their own with a hail of bombs.
It wasn’t long before the game had become a war of attrition and there was only going to be one winner. The game went on for an age but Severius eventually took down a weakened Kromac.
A disappointing loss after a great start but it just goes to show Circle must stick to their strengths if they are to be competitive. The Woldwrath was ok – it soaked up a lot of damage and was fairly effective in melee. Nothing exciting but I just can’t resist big miniatures. I also used a Pureblood rather than Ghetorix or Feral in this game. I didn’t get to use his spray or Ghostwalk so a bit disappointing. The Stalker remains the number 1 choice and I wonder if two are the way forward.



  1. Great game Nurgleonbass, really enjoyed it and learned a lot, especially to never give up in warmachine

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