Kromac faces Mordikaar

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

35 point game against my toughest regular opponent this evening. I was not expecting to win but hoping Kromac and his beasts would put up a good fight.
In the first couple of rounds I found my force pinned back pretty much in its deployment zone. That put the Skorne on the front foot and I never really got to grips with the game from there. In the latter stages I threw caution to the wind and Kromac and his beasts looked dangerous without ever genuinely threatening to win. In the end Mordikaar ran out clear winner on objectives.
One thing I learnt from this game is that lightning strike triggers at the end of a models activation. This makes it better than I thought and I must use it again. So far I’m not convinced by Ghetorix so I think I’m going to give the Pureblood a run out next time and see how effective he is.



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