Three way mosh pit goes to Menoth

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

A massive 35 pt mosh pit occupied most of this Sunday evening. I continued my run with Kromac and in the opposite corners were pSeverius and Aby.
The game was played in the true spirit of a mosh pit with everyone frantically running for the centre and then slugging it out in the resultant scrummage.
I thought I had the game in the bag at one point when I just had to clear a shredder and a Seraph from the pit with Kromac. The plan was to beast Kromac out, take the Seraph with a charge and preserve enough fury to Rift the shredder into oblivion. Sadly I had forgotten that Kromac cannot cannot cast spells while in beast form. Doh! In the event he failed to kill the a Seraph anyway so it was a double lesson learnt about the capabilities of this Warlock.
Aby took advantage of Kromac’s impetuous attack and assassinated him in the next turn. What followed was a war of attrition that would eventually see a beast-less Aby bettered by the Menite.
A great game and I’m still loving Kromac.




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