Woof! Who let the dogs out …..!

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Circle, Gaming

As promised in the previous post this Sunday it was time for a change. I’ve always liked Circle Orboros but in my first couple of years of Warmahordes went for the rather more simple and steady factions i.e. Trolls and Khador. The Circle are too fragile and tricksy for a beginner but I feel sufficiently clued up to give them a good run out now. As for a first warlock it had to be Kromac. I love the model and the fact that he can beast out is the icing on the cake. It’s also a bonus that many consider him to be one of the best if not the best Circle Warlock.
In my first game I played just 15pts against a club mate learning the game. I eased my way in learning how to use his spells and abilities while using a set of shifting stones to get a Feral in a good position to alpha strike my opponents heavy beast. After that it was a clear up job and I got to use the stones again to teleport Kromac into the enemy Warlock and take her down.

There was time for a second game that evening so I threw Kromac into a mosh pit that included two Colossals! It started of badly with two of my three beasts going down to a Judicator. The Menoth caster then assassinated the 3rd players ‘caster leaving eFeora in the open and an inert Stormwall. Kromac saw the opening, leapt over a blocking Menoth ‘jack and proceeded to bash eFeora into the ground. My opponents thought I was crazy as my fury rapidly evaporated but they hadn’t counted on Kromac’s feat. He beasted out and smashed Feora for the win.
Kromac is fantastic. A very dangerous Warlock and he and his battlegroup are the perfect contrast to the Trolls and Khador. Looking forward to more Circle over the coming weeks.



  1. steve S says:

    Hi Nick, with the club forum down this seemed the only way to get in touch! Would you be interested in a “partial” commission early in the new year? I have come into possession of 10 Trolls, but I don’t really have the flair to paint troll skin – and yours are pretty good! So, would you be interested in just painting up the skin of 10 models? Everything else (clothes, weapons, equipment etc.) will be done by me. Let me know if you are willing to take this on.

    Steve S

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