Old friends clash with old foes.

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Gaming, Khador

Played an old friend of mine tonight and we clashed together two old foes : Butcher and Deneghra.
Deneghra started cautiously hiding behind a block of Bane Thralls while her chickens snuck now the flanks for the inevitable Venom attack. The Butcher ordered his forces forward and a pair of Eliminators quickly closed on the Thralls spinning and whirling through their ranks untouchable.
In the mid-game Deneghra looked dangerous as the chickens closed in on the Butcher. His problems were compounded by a misjudged feat turn that left him high and dry in the middle of the table. Luckily the Butcher was able to weather the storm via a turn of camped focus and some bad luck on the Venom rolls of the Warwitch.
As the late game developed the Butchers bodyguard of Shocktroooers advanced on Deheghra and a lucky shield cannon shot caught her full on. One of the Eliminators spotted her chance and leapt through the Bane Thralls to stab Deneghra in the back with a well placed blow. It was enough to finish her and bring a tense game to an unexpected end.
Hats off to my opponent for putting the Butcher in a lot trouble as this was only his second game. I feel a bit fortunate to have won in the way I did, but I’m not complaining too much!



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