Glug, glug, glug. To the bottom of the deep blue….

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Gaming, Uncharted Seas

Played a first game of Uncharted Seas this evening. Ralgard starter vs. Iron Dwarf starter. It was a good game and considering neither of us had properly read the rules beforehand it played remarkably well.
The play was surprisingly fast and brutal. Having played Battlefleet Gothic a lot in the past I was expecting a similar style of game. Instead movement was simple (with the aid of the templates) and the action was simple and decisive. It was a bit of shock to see my ships sinking so quickly and I sense this game is actually going work best with sizeable fleets as loses are going to be thick and fast.
In this case the Iron Dwarves got off to a great start and very quickly most of my fleet had been seen off. The Battleship hung on a bit longer and its best action came when 3 Dwarf cruisers rammed it and all three were sunk as a result! However, the Iron Dwarf battleship pounded broadsides in until eventually the Ralgard ship was sunk as well.
I have to say the game didn’t play at all as I had expected for a naval combat game. It was much more like a game of say 40K with lots of dice and quick uncomplicated gameplay. I’ll certainly be back for more and want to try some different units and a boarding action next time.
Cheers for the game Dreads 🙂




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