Labour 10 – Battle for Alabaster – part 1

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Gaming, Painting and Modelling, Sedition Wars, The 12 Labours of NoB

The last two months I’ve been running two of my 2013 Labours simultaneously. I’ve posted a lot about the Nurgle Daemon Labour but not so much about the Sedition Wars.
I’ve assembled all of the starter box miniatures and started painting enough for the first mission in the book. The miniatures are very nice but I must say the plastic was awful to work with. It is very hard and there are some pretty major mould lines to deal with. On top of that the larger miniatures don’t fit together terribly well. Definitely not a game for a lazy modeller!
I played a short solo game last night to get a feel for the rules. It took quite some time to navigate the rule book but once I had the swing of it it seems like a simple game that should have plenty of depth.
I’ve only a couple of days to finish this labour so I’m settling for a decent tabletop job on the minis for the first mission. If I enjoy that I’ll paint a few more each time I tackle the next one up.


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