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I’ve been working on the PHR base tonight. The picture shows the first glued together multi-story building. I found it necessary to use a hot glue gun in the end as superglue just wouldn’t take to the surface of the trays. A couple of stories have been primed white and the good news is that the paint adhered well.
I’m pleased with the result and think it makes a nice futuristic structure. I will add some detail but as intended it looks ‘scaleless’ at the moment. Too much may spoil that and limit the systems it can be used with.
There is a surprise to this terrain but I’m keeping that under my hat for the moment ….. Stay tuned for more 🙂


We have a small campaign running ar my local club and tonight I played my first game as part of it. The less said about the game the better! It was a great game but in turn 5 I made a couple of awful decisions that let my Shaltari opponent in for the win.
Looking on the bright side I did get my Sirens into their first ever CBQ and goodness me they were superb! Also I learnt that the Athena only has a narrow AA weapon attack which means I need to be far more direct in choosing its attack runs in future. Basically in order to be successful you really must aim straight at your opponent or risk them falling out of line of sight on the attack run. Finally, and contrary to my previous post on DZC gaming, I have decided not to sit on Command cards unless they really are the very best. In this game I sat on a couple of relatively minor ones far too long and denied myself useful ones in the game.

A bit more progress on the PHR over the last couple of days. First off a pair of A1 Tritons with Janus Scout Walkers magnetised and ready to go. After finding these guys a bit hit and miss in my initial games they have come into their own now that I like to field the Taranis with their indirect fire plus the extension to the Sphere of Command they afford to my Commander. The Stealth missiles of the Tritons are not be sniffed at either. Overall a great utility choice in a larger game.

And next up some more terrain on the cheap. I’ve got a pair of these landing pads under construction, but just one in the picture. It is made from a empty baby food container. With a few magic touches I have planned I think it will look rather cool.


I have decided to kick off 2013 with Labour 2 of my 12. This will mean finishing around 3K of PHR and constructing a base for them.
For the base I have been collecting suitable everyday bits and pieces to keep the project cheap. I am also mindful that while it should look PHR like, whatever is produced must fit the Dropzone rules. Furthermore I want to make it non DZC and scale specific so that I can use it for other Sci-fi gaming.
A tall order perhaps, but its amazing what you can find in the kitchen and home ware stores.
First up my idea for making multi story buildings. Take a humble ice cube tray. Insert some pieces of cork on the underside to create some lift. Repeat and stack trays to make your building or Sci-fi storage vessels.
I quite like the look of these as they have nice smooth curves like the PHR vehicles. The stacked trays also give the illusion of windows. I am a bit worried about how they will take paint but hopefully a good primer will sort that out.