A blast from the past – EPIC

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Epic

I’ve not played Epic for a long time so jumped at the chance for a game when a club mate expressed an interest.
I dusted my Deathguard off, read the rules again, and prepared to do battle with the followers of the False Emperor. This was also a chance to use some newly acquired explosion markers which added some nice LOS blocking terrain and added some atmosphere to the proceedings.



The game initially moved quite slowly as we fumbled with half remembered rules and unit characteristics, but livened up once we got to grips with the assault rules. Assault is particularly decisive in this game and there was some brutal action in the centre of the board.


By the time we reached turn three it was getting late and decided to call it a night. Totting up objectives the Deathguard had narrowly taken the game but it was a close thing.




I really enjoyed playing Epic again. My previous experience of it being a tactical game where assault is king but careful objective play can make all the difference was reaffirmed. The Space Marines had a huge and very resilient formation that dominated the middle of the board, but this did allow the Deathguard to operate well on the flanks and for my Terminators to teleport in unopposed to take the key objective. I also enjoyed the dinky models – as I my club mate noted it’s not often you get to field so many Landraiders so cheaply.

A bit more progress on the Ghetorix over the weekend. Highlights and blending on the belly and chest, plus some work on the boney parts of the helmet.
With the highlights I’ve tried to contrast the cold blue and purple shadow tones with warmer fleshy browns.



It’s been a very long time since I picked up a paint brush. I’ve been a bit of a workaholic over the last couple of months so it was a nice change to put that aside, pour a glass of wine and get back to my Ghetorix. Luckily I had the foresight to make a note of base colour I used (Snakebite leather) so I was able to get started on some shadows.

For the shadow tones I used three layers : Snakebite with a touch of Hormagaunt purple; same again with a touch of Mordian blue and finally some purple and blue without the Snakebite. I’m pretty happy with the result – I also managed some Scroched brown on the cloth and helmet. Looking forward to getting back to this chap again sooner rather than later!


Kromac enjoys a spot of hog roast

Posted: December 2, 2014 in Circle, Gaming

First game in many weeks on Sunday. I thought it wise to return to my old hunting ground of Hordes with Kromac. Across the table a load of tasty looking bacon in the form of Lord Carver and his little piggies.

We were playing at 35 points and a scenario which I have forgotten as it had little relevance in the game. I advanced my Stalker and Ghetorix into the middle of the board and dared my opponent to mosh pit in the middle. The piggies were not shy and two Road Hogs plus a War-Hog took up the challenge. What followed was a bloody tit for tat exchange that saw all the heavies wiped out.


In closing exchanges Kromac spotted his chance to take Carver. He beasted out, leapt over the few remaining Brigands, and made short work of the boss hog.

It was a close game. I feel the Ghetorix was the difference between the forces. He was able to smash the War- Hog with nonchalant ease, and while he go down, it took almost an entire piggy activation to remove him.
I really enjoyed the game and felt some of the old enthusiasm for gaming return. Hopefully I can get some more games in soon.

Mars Attacks!

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Mars Attacks!, Uncategorized

Well, it’s been far too long since I’ve done anything gaming related! The last couple of months have been dominated by a number of projects at work but I am hoping to find time for gaming again over the next few weeks.
To ease myself back in gently a game of Mars Attacks with an old mate this evening. I’ve had an eye on this for a while so it was nice to give it a whirl.

Initially we set up the matt and ruins which was a fairly simple job. The plastic terrain is quite nice and the felt matt was good quality. The miniatures are ok for a mass production game, the Martians and their natty helmets being the pick of the bunch. The cards and counters are good quality and enhanced the gameplay. For this game I played the U.S. Army and it quickly became apparent that the longer ranged rifles and machine guns were going to be key factor in defeating the Martians. The Martians proved to be more durable at range, but in the scenario we played were they were out numbered and seemed to be at a disadvantage. It has to be said that I enjoyed some outrageous luck but even so the Martians just didn’t seem capable of generating a credible threat. The gameplay was simple and intuitive but with enough tactical variation to make it interesting. The crazy event cards were fun and added a random element to proceedings which kept interest levels up. I was interested to note that Mantic are using the exploding dice mechanic beloved of Spartan Games and this was a fun aspect too. In the end the U.S. Army ran out victors 8 pts to 2.


So, a thumbs up from me. Not a traditional tabletop skirmish game or a board game, it lies somewhere in between. As a pretzels and beer game it has potential and I liked the Martian miniatures. I will be interested to see how this develops over the months and possibly years to come.

Nurgle Daemons are back.

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Daemons, Gaming

Thought I would play some 40K this week. My gaming group are still using 6th which is fine by me. It was also a chance to use a lava-scape gaming mat that I acquired recently.
Across the table 1750 of Chaos Space Marines with a Khornate theme. The game was Big Guns with 5 objectives.I got first turn, parked a load of Plague Bearers on the nearby objectives, set the Icon Plague Drones up as my delivery system, and put the Soul Grinders in good positions to Phlegm my opponent.


As you might expect from two Chaos forces the action was pretty brutal in the centre of the table. The Drones were destroyed by Kharn and a squad of berserkers although they did get my toads on the board. My Soul Grinders were my most effective unit chipping away at the enemy and absorbing a lot of fire power. My Great Unclean One had a terrible game not turning up until late, mishaping back into reserve and then finally landing well out of the action. Looking on the bright side he did survive untouched and got me the line breaker objective.
It was a nice change to play some 40K and it looks like I’ll be playing some more next week as well.
At the end of the game I had managed to secure two objectives to my opponents one to take the game.

Combined Army trounced again!

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Gaming, Infinity

An Infinity Campaign game this evening. This was a scenario that carried on where the last game left off. This time the Combined Army returned looking for the buried objective only to be confronted by a Nomad force. 300 points a side and we agreed to field a TAG each.



Unfortunately I got off to a bad start losing two models to a pair of Total Reaction Zonds in ARO. Doh! However I did manage to get my Meditech Droid to an objective point. Meanwhile the two TAGs moved towards the action at the middle of the table.



In the mid-game the Nomad TAG Rambo’d my poor old Raicho and that left me in serious trouble. I threw everything I had at it but was unlucky to only score a single point of damage. The Nomads were looking dominant and there was very little I could do about it.

The closing action saw the Combined Army in Retreat leaving the objective wide open to a Nomad specialist.
I do like Infinity but it can be very frustrating at times! The last two games I have been thoroughly smashed. It seems the Combined Army are going through a bit of a rough patch with the dice, but I suspect my tactics are flawed too. I might try and find some time to read a tactica and try something different next time.